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Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel x SAVEUR Spice Trio

Burlap & Barrel x SAVEUR Spice Trio

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We developed this trio of super-savory, wide-ranging blends in partnership with our friends who specialize in sourcing single-origin spices from small farms around the world. These blends pay homage to some of our most popular archival recipes from over the years, and Burlap & Barrel brought them to life. (Each set includes three 2.8 ounce jars.)

  • Gumbo: The robust, peppery flavors of SAVEUR’s gold-medal gumbo recipes—all wrapped up in one workhorse blend.
  • Chicken Basquaise: Bring home the warm flavors of Spain and southwest France with this versatile, subtly smoky blend that's ideal for poultry, Mediterranean stews and low-and-slow beans and chickpeas.
  • Ceviche: The soaring citrusy flavors of ceviche come together in this palate-popping blend.

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